1. Throb!

From the recording Throb!

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Bassist and Composer Christian de Mesones releases the fourth single from his full-length album, "They Call Me Big New York". "Throb!" is a mid-tempo, funk-driven jam that evokes the flavor of the old school horn ensemble sound of the seventies. With a sprinkling of hot guitar riffs, this is a recipe for the block party jam of the summer. Featured is a battle royale showdown between alto sax extraordinaire Eddie Baccus, Jr. (Pieces of a Dream), and P-Funk/Maceo Parker/Chuck Brown All-Star trombonist Greg Boyer. Guitarists Jack Turner and Mike Gamble, along with drummer Carl C-Man Anderson and percussionist Sheila Shabazz, create a go-go/funk pocket too tempting to resist. Producer and co-writer Christopher Valentine lends his keyboard talents to round out the track.