Season 1, Episode 8, Part 1

Steve Fossen (HEART)

In this episode, we discuss the music of the band HEART.  In part one of this interview, host Christian de Mesones sits down with original bassist and founding member Steve Fossen to revisit his favorite HEART recordings, and to talk about his experiences with the band and his love of Fender bass guitars.

season 1, episode 6

Revisiting the music of starz with "insane" george diana

In this episode, we revisit and discuss the history of the band STARZ. Their sound influenced a generation of artists such as Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi, and Poison. Host Christian de Mesones sits down with STARZ bassist "Insane" George DiAna to talk about his experiences with the band and the legacy of STARZ bassists Pieter Sweval and Orville Davis.

season 1, episode 5

tribute edition: tim bogert

Join host Christian de Mesones for a very special "bass hang" and tribute episode of We Sing the Bass Electric, dedicated to the memory of legendary musician Tim Bogert. Christian is joined by friends and fellow bassists Steve Anderson, Adam Nitti, and Will Lee to discuss Tim's impact on the instrument, his music, and the overall importance of musical mentors. Steve shares the story of how in 1980 he brought Tim (as well as Louis Johnson, Ray Brown, and Jaco Pastorius) to BIT (now Musician's Institute) in Hollywood, California for his first bass clinic. Bonus discussions include Will's collaboration with Chuck Loeb and Adam's tribute to Rush drummer Neil Peart.



Part 2 of our conversation with Leo Lyons includes discussions about his work as a producer, his extensive bass collection, his latest project, Hundred Seventy Split, and stories about other iconic bass heroes, such as Lemmy, Pete Way, and John Entwistle.



Join host Christian de Mesones for part one of his in-depth conversation with legendary blues rock bassist Leo Lyons of Ten Years After and Hundred Seventy Split. Topics discussed include his early recordings with the band, his aggressive, finger-style technique, Woodstock memories, and the holy grail of bass guitars, his 1962 Fender Jazz bass.

SEASON 1, EPISODE 3 (Part 2)


Host Christian de Mesones sits down for part two of his in-depth interview with legendary bassist and guitarist Joe Bouchard. The conversation begins in September 1978 when Phil Lynott & Thin Lizzy came to the rescue by lending Blue Oyster Cult their equipment. Check out this story and more, only on We Sing the BASS Electric!

season 1, episode 3 (part 1)

joe bouchard

Host Christian de Mesones sits down for an in-depth conversation with legendary bassist and Guitarist Joe Bouchard. Part one of this two-part interview includes topics such as his early days with Blue Oyster Cult, and road stories about opening for The Byrds, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Alice Cooper, KISS, etc. We discuss his songwriting contributions on Agents of Fortune and Spectres, and part one ends with a discussion about Joe's love for his Alembic bass.



in this episode, Christian interviews hard rock, heavy metal bass legend John Gallagher.  He revisits classic albums of Raven's 40-year career, including "Rock 'Til You Drop", "Stay Hard", and the latest release, "Metal City".  John discusses his gear, shares his influences and explains his approach on the 8-string bass.  This episode also introduces a new podcast segment, "The World According To", which provides insights about topics not discussed anywhere else!



This is the pilot episode of Christian de Mesones' new podcast, We Sing the BASS Electric, featuring bassist Felix Robinson. Christian and Felix discuss live performances, recording with Angel and Punky Meadows, bass gear and techniques, and much more.

Photo Credit:  Richard  Galbraith